Anonymous and decentralized: File-sharing using torrents on the I2P network ( exiles take a look)


So your lamenting the downfall of and you would like to use a platform that isn’t as prone to bullying from the publishing industry as a centralized, “clearnet” website and/or filehoster, and not as transparent as a public torrent tracker. In that case, I2P might be what you are looking for.

I2P stands for Invisible Internet Project. It’s a darknet, which means that data traffic within the network is routed through other peers in the network before it reaches its destination. This means that neither servers, nor users within the I2P network can be tied to an IP address.
All I2P users act as a network node themselves (unlike, for example, the Tor network) and thus relay traffic for other users.
Due to the routing of traffic through other peers, the average speed will be considerably lower than on the clearnet, but this won’t be a major burden for…

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